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Children's Day Celebration 2019

All weekends during September at different locations. In September, on the 10th Honduras has a celebration that with pinatas full of candy. Reach Out goes a little further, giving each child a hot meal, cupcake, drinks, candy, and toys. During this event, Reach Out Foundation teaches biblical concepts through curriculum, teaches the children how to pray by leadership example, teaches worship & praise by song & dance.

Colors of Faith (English)  Los Colores de la Fe (Spanish)  The Gospel Story by Colors by in Spanish.

You can sponsor a child during this celebration for $5.  (donation deadline August 31st)

We Need Monthly Sponsors:

Meal Sponsors $25, $50, $100, $200

Every month we feed lines of men, women & children waiting outside the hospital.

Medical Sponsors $25, $50, $100, $200

Every month we supply the hospital & nursing homes with first aid/medical supplies.

Postage Sponsors $25, $50, $100, $200

Every month we send at least 1 box of goods. (500-800 lbs)

New Baby Sponsors $10, $20, $30, $40, $50

Every month we send maternity needs, diapers, socks, baby clothes for expecting mothers at the pregnancy centers.

School Sponsors $25, $50, $75, $100

Every month we are helping to improve the children's schools. Sometimes the schools need maintenance or repairs on the building.

Pregnancy Centers

Reach Out Foundation has been supporting pregnant women in the area. We help them with clothes, shoes, food, baby needs. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting our women's ministry click here for more.......

Hospital Care Visits

Every month our team visits with hospital patients both child & adults. They bring toys & comfort items such as blankets or socks. This ministry helps bring hope and healing to the sick. Sometimes a smile makes all the difference. Click here for more.........

Mr. Tonito Memorial

Mr. Tonito's Memorial Page, 10-31-2018 Funeral. This man was starving, frail & afraid of the hospital when we found him. Now we have been helping Mr. Tonito regularly to get him the nutrients that he needs to get better. Click here for more.........

Since 1993


There are children who don't know what it's like to fall asleep in their mother's arms at night or to sit on daddy's lap while he works.
Reach Out Foundation in Copan, Honduras makes an effort to get involved in the lives of these children. We help with the children's immediate needs & relationships.
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • diapers
  • blankets
  • toys
  • food
  • quality time
  • play games
  • face painting
“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” -  John 14:18
It is important to our Father in heaven that we take care of his children.

Support a Student or an entire School!

Its that time of year again.....we need at least 200 backpacks with school supplies. We are looking for donations. Reach Out supports the less fortunate from 5-6 schools in Honduras each year.

1 backpack averages a cost of $8 each.

Types of supplies needed:

  • notebooks
  • paper
  • pencils
  • color pencils
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • erasers

We would love to receive backpacks/supplies. You can also give financially at $8 a child by clicking the donate button above.

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