Our Mission

Bring love and hope to every place where we can carry out our activities, sharing at all times the message of salvation.

Our Purpose

To provide emotional, spiritual and physical support for children, the elderly, widowed, orphaned and medically needy community.

To be the hands and feet of Christ to the people of this world.

To show the people love, acceptance and emotional support in hopes of a providing them with a healthier mental state.

To be a blessing through the giving of clothing, shoes, toys, food, diapers and medical equipment or supplies.

To spread the gospel message through the teaching of scripture and giving of bibles.

Our History

Reach Out is a foundation born in the heart of a Honduras, a woman who envisioned the mission that God intended to help those most in need. That project that she conceived as a child was taking shape. It was not easy to make service work a reality, she went through many tests that led her to leave her country. It was in the United States that it laid the foundations for the missionary work that her and her husband would begin. Over the years, she has integrated volunteers and sponsors, including some local churches. This is how Reach Out Foundation ministry was born, which took its first steps in 2005.  The first 40 needy people who received from the foundation received clothing and toys. God provided for it; the Foundation established its work and reached the most needy just as the founder had envisioned. Children, men, women and the elderly are the needy people who receive help by the small activities that are carried out monthly and the largest activities are held twice a year in the months of September and December.

There is no age limit, no differences by sex or religion, the goal is to generate joy, hope, help those most in need, those beings who live in extreme poverty, who have been abandoned and who see in Reach Out the light that illuminates his days.

The Foundation is convinced that a generous heart gives joy and that the work that is not only carried out in the poor neighborhoods, but also in the Hospital de Occidente in Santa Rosa de Copán and the Nursing Homes, is fundamental to cover a little the needs of the people who have least. 

The ministry is growing, more and more new sponsors are joining to be part of this work that God has been dedicating in the hearts of those men and women everywhere. In January 2016, for the first time part of its founders arrived in Honduras, they learned about the reality that people live in and they verified the multiple needs of the community. Undoubtedly, the work that God destined, advances and transforms the lives of Hondurans who see hope in the Reach Out Foundation. 

But all this would not be possible without the silent work that the group of volunteers in Honduras carry out to help and give that human warmth to those beings who need not only material help but affection and spiritual nourishment. Each year the goal of attention is exceeded, and there are 300 to 500 children who receive donations in celebration of the day of the child in September, each year more children are blessed with a day full of love and joy.